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Lecture "Role of proteostasis derailment in Atrial Fibrillation: towards mechanism-based diagnostics and treatment strategies"

Prof. Bianca Brundel,  Amsterdam UMC - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Cardiovascular diseases represent the leading cause of death in most European countries, including the Czech Republic, where they account for half of all deaths. Atrial fibrillation (AF) that often precedes heart failure is the most common cardiac arrhythmia despite substantial efforts to develop improved treatments.  Emerging research findings of Prof. Brundel indicate proteostasis derailment as driving causative mechanism of AF and key modulators may act as druggable and diagnostic targets for future AF management.



Prof. Bianca Brundel received her PhD from the University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands and was trained in molecular and cellular biology (VU, Amsterdam) and clinical pharmacology (UMCG). Bianca is professor at the physiology department at the Amsterdam UMC, location VU University Medical Center. Her research is focused on the molecular mechanisms driving proteostasis derailment and pathophysiology of cardiac diseases, including atrial fibrillation and cardiomyopathies. Molecular findings are used to identify novel druggable targets.


IPHYS contact person: Jan Kopecký,

Lecture is supported by the project CarDia - National Institute for Research of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases (Programme EXCELES, ID Project No. LX22NPO5104) – Funded by the European Union – Next Generation EU.