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Bureš lectures in 2014

Barbara Cannon

University of Stockholm, Sweden

Lecture: "Brown adipose tissue: the mammalian prerogative", February 14, 2014


Asla S. L. Pitkänen

University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Lecture" "Preventing the development of epilepsy after brain injury – How far are we in 2014?", April 10, 2014  


Michael Menaker

University of Virginia, USA

Lecture: „The Promise of Circadian Biology“, July 2, 2014      


Peter Illes

Universität Leipzig, Germany

Lecture: „Purinergic regulation of neural progenitor cell functions in the brain“, September 25, 2014  



Robert G. Gourdie

Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, USA

Lecture: „Multiple Roles of Connexins in Biology and Medicine“, October 13, 2014   


Eva Pašťálková

Janelia Research Campus, USA

Lecture: „Hippocampus and episodic memory“, December 17, 2014