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Animal Facility

Animal Facility

The department provides production of laboratory rats of WIST, LE, SHR, WKY, AVN strains and laboratory mice C57BL / 6 and Balb / c in the space of building G in the campus.

Besides the breeding department ensures rats, mice, rabbits and cavies´ housing in the experiment.

It provides washing of breeding containers, storage of feed and bedding, disposal of used litter disposal and rendering plant material.

Animals and animal housing facilities are constantly under veterinary control and fully correspond to the requirements of law 246 / 92 Sb. for protection of animals against cruelty and Decree 419 / 12 Sb about the protection of experimental animals.

In 2014 was again obtained "Permission for the breeding and supply of animals" and "Authorization for the use of experimental animals" for the next five years.




MVDr. Kristýna Bílková

Head of Department


Ing. Josef Lachout, CSc.

Deputy Head of Department


Bártů Jana  

Office Worker




Böhmová Monika

Humenná Monika

Krämer Jan  

Lejčková Jana  

Pavelková Kateřina 
Perglerová Andrea

Perná Jana  

Ptáčková Hana  

Ptáčníková Jana  
Quiquerez Jaroslava
Rosová Lucie
Ryšková Denisa

Šmejkalová Jaroslava

Thierlová Hana

Vališová Andrea 

Vantuchová Miluše 

Vondrová Lenka  

Žibřidová Jaroslava