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Laboratory of Experimental Hypertension

Laboratory of Experimental Hypertension

The Laboratory of Experimental Hypertension is studying the mechanisms of blood pressure  regulation and end-organ damage in rats with different types of experimental hypertension.

Our research is focused mainly on:

  • Study of the central mechanisms of blood pressure regulation in rats with hypertension with a focus on the brain renin-angiotensin system, oxidative stress and baroreflex control of sympathetic tone – cooperation with the Institute for Translational Research in Biomedicine, Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prague.
  • Search for the cardiovascular, renal and metabolic mechanisms of gliflozins, a new group of antidiabetics, in experimental hypertension and chronic kidney disease –  cooperation with Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prague.
  • Investigation on the cardiovascular effects of new analogs of neuropeptides regulating food intake in rats in connection with their neuroprotective effects in Alzheimer disease – cooperation with IOCHB CAS, Prague.
  • Study of the role of sympathetic nervous system, renin-angiotensin system and glucocorticoids in modulation of cardiovascular stress response.




Řezáčová; Lenka - Vaněčková; Ivana - Hojná; Silvie - Vavřínová; Anna - Valovič; Pavol - Rauchová; Hana - Behuliak; Michal - Zicha; Josef . Both central sympathoexcitation and peripheral angiotensin II-dependent vasoconstriction contribute to hypertension development in immature heterozygous Ren-2 transgenic rats . Hypertension Research. 2022; 45(3); 414-423 . IF = 5.528 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Mráziková; L. - Hojná; Silvie - Pačesová; A. - Hrubá; L. - Strnadová; V. - Neprašová; Barbora - Železná; B. - Kuneš; Jaroslav - Maletínská; L. Palmitoylated prolactin-releasing peptide treatment had neuroprotective but not anti-obesity effect in fa/fa rats with leptin signaling disturbances . Nutrition & Diabetes. 2022; 12(1)); 26 . IF = 4.725 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Zicha; Josef - Behuliak; Michal - Vavřínová; Anna - Dobešová; Zdenka - Kuneš; Jaroslav - Rauchová; Hana - Vaněčková; Ivana . Cooperation of augmented calcium sensitization and increased calcium entry contributes to high blood pressure in salt-sensitive Dahl rats . Hypertension Research. 2021; 44(9); 1067-1078 . IF = 5.528 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Zicha; Josef . Contribution of Sympathetic Nervous System to High Blood Pressure in Salt Hypertensive Dahl Rats . Physiological Research. 2021; 70(2); 117-118 . IF = 2.139 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Vavřínová; Anna - Behuliak; Michal - Vaněčková; Ivana - Zicha; Josef . The abnormalities of adrenomedullary hormonal system in genetic hypertension: their contribution to altered regulation of blood pressure . Physiological Research. 2021; 70(3); 307-326 . IF = 2.139 [ASEP] [ doi ]

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  RNDr. Ivana Vaněčková, DSc.
Head of the Laboratory
  MUDr. Josef Zicha, DrSc.
Deputy Head of the Laboratory
  RNDr. Jaroslav Kuneš, DrSc.
Senior Researcher
  MUDr. Hana Rauchová, CSc.
Senior Researcher
  RNDr. Milada Dobiášová, DrSc.
Senior Researcher
  Mgr. Michal Behuliak, Ph.D.
Senior Researcher
  RNDr. Michaela Kadlecová, Ph.D.
Junior Researcher
  Mgr. Silvie Hojná, Ph.D.
Junior Researcher
  Mgr. Anna Vavřínová, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
  Mgr. Pavol Valovič
PhD Student
  Alena Charvátová
  Zdeňka Kopecká