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Laboratory of Computational Neuroscience

Laboratory of Computational Neuroscience


Theoretical methods are employed to describe and understand particular processes in neural systems on the level of single cells or populations. The focus is mainly on the neural coding problem, mathematical models of neuronal activity, and biophysical modeling of axon growth and circuit formation. The results are validated by using experimental data and numerical simulations. Information theory, stochastic processes, differential equations and statistics provide the necessary tools.


We are involved in:


Tubikanec; I. - Tamborrino; M. - Lánský; Petr - Buckwar; E. Qualitative properties of different numerical methods for the inhomogeneous geometric Brownian motion . Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. 2022; 406(May 1)); 113951 . IF = 2.872 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Tomar; Rimjhim - Košťál; Lubomír . Variability and Randomness of the Instantaneous Firing Rate . Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. 2021; 15(Jun 7)); 620410 . IF = 3.387 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Tamborrino; M. - Lánský; Petr . Shot noise; weak convergence and diffusion approximations . Physica. D. 2021; 418(Apr)); 132845 . IF = 3.751 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Bárta; Tomáš - Košťál; Lubomír . Regular spiking in high-conductance states: The essential role of inhibition . Physical Review E. 2021; 103(2)); 022408 . IF = 2.707 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Rajdl; Kamil - Lánský; Petr - Košťál; Lubomír . Fano Factor: A Potentially Useful Information . Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. 2020; 14(Nov 20)); 569049 . IF = 2.380 [ASEP] [ doi ]


Mgr. Lubomír Košťál, Ph.D.
Head of the Laboratory

RNDr. Martin Zápotocký, Ph.D.
Deputy Head of the Laboratory

Postdoctoral Fellow
Currently on postdoctoral stay in Denmark
Mgr. Tomáš Bárta
PhD Student
MSc. Rimjhim Tomar
PhD Student
Bc. Kristýna Kováčová
Master Student


Past members:

doc. RNDr. Petr Lánský, DrSc.
Čupera Jakub, Mgr., PhD.
D'Onofrio Giuseppe, PhD.
Pokora Ondřej, Mgr., PhD.
Pilarski Stevan, PhD.
Šanda Pavel, Mgr., PhD.

Rajdl Kamil, Mgr., PhD.


Frequent visitors and collaborators:
Ditlevsen Susanne, Prof.
Kobayashi Ryota, PhD.
Koyama Shinsuke, PhD.
Rospars Jean-Pierre, Dr.
Sacerdote Laura, Prof.
Tamborrino Massimiliano, PhD.