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Property and Facility Management

Property and Facility Management

The department ensures property and facility management.

It operates a workroom (custom made according to scientists requests), it provides building cleaning, washing of glassware, management of freezers and refrigerators, disposal of sorted waste, autoclave operations, preparation of deionized distilled water and little maintenance.

It runs a hostel and inspection rooms.

It provides PO, revision, reconstruction, preparation of documents and participation in tenders.

In cooperation with the Administration of the complex is involved in the implementation of common projects and monitoring of energy consumption.



Ing. Jan ŠIlhavý, Ph.D.

Head of the Department


Ladislav Krämer

Deputy Head of the Department                       


Ivan Slunéčko
Vladimír Křehlík

Pavel Šuba


Irena Čechová

Vladimíra Trůková

Václava Jandová

Eva Půlová

Agniezska Pelikán


Washing of  laboratory glassware

Jana Pechová
Helena Reimerová