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PHD PROGRAMME 2022 (15.3. 2022)

Deadline was extended to March 31 to facilitate applications of Ukrainian students. More information

Awarding of J. E. Purkyne medals and celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Physiological Research Journal (3.3. 2022)

On Tuesday, March 1, Josef Zicha and Jan Kopecký received from the hands of P. Mareš and B. Ošt'ádal the Jan Evangelista Purkyně Honorary Medals for Merit in Biomedical Sciences. This award has been awarded by the Czech Acadeny of Sciences since 1965 in recognition of outstanding results of scientific work in biology, especially in the fields of biomedicine. During the award ceremony, J. Zicha summarized past years of Physiological Research, a bimonthly journal published by the Institute of Physiology in English, which celebrates 70th anniversary this year.

František Vyskočil received the Silver Medal of Charles University (3.2. 2022)

On Thursday, 27 January, the Scientific Council of Charles University awarded a commemorative medal to eight prominent personalities whose professional lives are connected with the University. Prof. RNDr. František Vyskočil, DrSc. received a silver commemorative medal for his significant lifetime work in the field of physiology and his long-standing scientific and pedagogical activities at Charles University. 

František Vyskočil has been researching neurophysiology and biophysics of cell membranes since his student years. His discoveries have significantly deepened the knowledge of the transmission of nerve impulses and the overall functioning of the nervous system of animals, including the human brain. His first research work, which he undertook as a student at the Faculty of Science of Charles University, on neuromuscular coupling was published in one of the most prestigious scientific journals, Nature. František Vyskočil also gained international attention for his discovery and description of the mechanism of so-called non-quantum excretion of neurotransmitters at mammalian synapses. In total, he is the author of 310 scientific papers. Professor Vyskočil connected his professional life with the Institute of Physiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences and still lectures at the Faculty of Science of the Charles University. He is also a popular teacher and popularizer of science, for which he has received numerous awards. 

A Day of Physiology and Medicine for Undergraduate Students - 24.2.2022 (26.1. 2022)

Are you studying a natural science or medical degree? We have prepared a special open day for you, offering interesting topics for your bachelor or master thesis and topics for PhD studies. Scientists from IPHYS will present them to you in the morning session (hybrid form – at present and online) and you will have the opportunity to take a look directly into their laboratories in the afternoon. We look forward to seeing you:)

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