Fyziologický ústav AV ČR

Špičková věda pro zdraví

Progress Report PhD students 1

14.00-14.15 Daniel Benák: The role of RNA demethylase FTO in the heart

14.15-14.30 Jiří Funda: The role of adipose tissue in whole-body energy metabolism in mice with different genetic background

14.30-14.45 Veronika Kalendová: Role of PPARα in metabolic effects of n-3 fatty acids

14.45-15.00 Gabriella Benedetta Sistilli: Efficacy of marine omega‐3 phospholipids in alleviating different stages of NAFLD in dietary obese mice

15.00-15.15 Martina Doubková: Pathology of extracellular matrix proteins and fibroblast behavior in idiopathic clubfoot tissue contracture