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Lecture "Epoxylipids from biological actions to therapies for cardiovascular, kidney, and metabolic diseases"

Prof. John D. Imig, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, USA

23. 4. 2024, start: 14:00


John D. Imig, Ph.D. is Professor and Chair in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). Dr. Imig has received several awards for his research in cardiovascular, renal, and metabolic physiology included the prestigious Established Investigator Award and Lewis K. Dahl Lectureship from the American Heart Association. The Imig laboratory is dedicated to understanding how certain fatty acids, known as epoxylipids, influence kidney, metabolic, and cardiovascular function. His team has advanced its findings through translational research and developed new epoxylipid-based drugs to potentially treat diseases including heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and kidney diseases. Dr. Imig has authored over 300 publications related to the antihypertensive properties and renal, cardiovascular, and metabolic protective properties of angiotensin receptor antagonists, epoxylipids, and soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitors in prestigious journals including Physiol Rev, PNAS, Hypertension, Clin Sci, J Clin Invest, Brit J Pharmacol.

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