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Laboratory of Membrane Transport

Laboratory of Membrane Transport Sodium and potassium transporting protein observed in yeast cells through a fluorescence microscope. Green fluorescence corresponds to the protein localized in the cell plasma membrane; red fluorescence visualizes membranes of vacuoles.

We study the proteins transporting compounds and signals across the cell membranes. These proteins, called transporters, assure the uptake of nutrients into the cells, efflux of waste compounds from cells and communication with the environment.  To study the animal and plant transporters, we mainly use a model eukaryotic microorganism – yeasts. Our research is focused mainly on:

  • Structure, function and regulation of cell transport systems at protein molecule level.
  • Role of transporters in specific cell properties and in diseases.
  • Role of transporters in Candida virulence and pathogenicity.
  • Development of new techniques to estimate cell physiological parameters.


Cell cation and pH homeostasis

The intracellular concentration of potassium and sodium cations, as well as of protons (pH), is strictly regulated via the activity of a series of membrane proteins that mediate the flux of cations and protons with various transport mechanisms. Incorrect functioning of some transporters results in serious disorders and diseases. We study in detail the roles of individual transporters and the impact of their activity on cell fitness. More

Transporters reflected in specific properties of nonconventional yeasts

Some, so-called non-conventional, yeast species survive extreme changes in the environmental pH, temperature, or osmotic pressure. We aim to identify and characterize specific transporters whose activity contributes to the ability to survive adverse environmental conditions. The acquired knowledge will help to improve the properties of yeast species used in industrial processes. More


Participation in project "Otevřená věda"

Our laboratory is already for many years involved in project Otevřená věda organised by Czech Academy of Sciences. The mission of this successful project is to lure enthusiastic students from secondary schools and show them how amusing the science can be. More


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Hana Sychrová, DrSc.
Head of the Laboratory
Olga Zimmermannová, Ph.D. (née Kinclová)
Deputy Head of the Laboratory
  Marie Kodedová, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Klára Papoušková, Ph.D. (née Velková)
Postdoctoral Fellow

Michala Dušková, Ph.D. (née Bubnová)
Postdoctoral Fellow


Bc. Kristina Knopfová

pregraduální student


Viktorie Stojková

Undergraduate Student

Viktorie Radová

Undergraduate Student

Karolína Černá

Undergraduate Student

Pavla Herynková