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Laboratory of Structural Biology of Signaling Proteins

Laboratory of Structural Biology of Signaling Proteins

Our Laboratory is focused on structural biology (the relationship between the structure and function of certain groups of proteins), particularly we focus on the proteins which participate in the signal transmission in the cell. Among methods we use are recombinant protein expression, biophysical characterization, study of intermolecular interactions, protein structure and interaction surfaces. All these methods enable us to better understand the details how the activity and function of protein-protein complexes is regulated. Our research is focused mainly on:

  • Structural biology of 14-3-3 proteins and their complexes
  • Mechanism of regulation of proteinkisases CaMKK1, CaMKK2 and ASK1
  • Study of inhibition of protease caspase-2 and ligase Nedd4-2 by 14-3-3 protein
  • Study of DNA-binding domain of transcription factor FOXO4




Our new articles in Communications Biology

Two accepted papers in Communications Biology: July and August 2021 Pavel Pohl, Rohit Joshi, Olivia Petrvalska, Tomas Obsil and Veronika Obsilova 14-3-3-protein regulates Nedd4-2 by modulating interactions between HECT and WW domains | Communications Biology ( Commun. Biol. 2021 July 22; 4(1):899. Matej Horvath, Olivia Petrvalska, Petr Herman, Tomas Obsil and Veronika Obsilova 14-3-3 proteins inactivate DAPK2 by promoting its dimerization and protecting key regulatory phosphosites | Communications Biology ( Commun. Biol. 2021 August 19; 4(1):986. IF = 6.268 More


Neves; J. F. - Petrvalská; Olivia - Bosica; F. - Cantrelle; F. X. - Merzougui; H. - O'Mahony; G. - Hanoulle; X. - Obšil; Tomáš - Landrieu; I. Phosphorylated full-length Tau interacts with 14-3-3 proteins via two short phosphorylated sequences; each occupying a binding groove of 14-3-3 dimer . FEBS Journal. 2021; 288(6); 1918-1934 . IF = 5.542 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Boušová; Kristýna - Bednárová; Lucie - Zouharová; Monika - Vetýšková; Veronika - Poštulková; Klára - Hofbauerová; Kateřina - Petrvalská; Olivia - Vaněk; O. - Tripsianes; K. - Vondrášek; Jiří . The order of PDZ3 and TrpCage in fusion chimeras determines their properties—a biophysical characterization . Protein Science. 2021; . IF = 6.725 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Santo Lentini; D. - Petrvalská; Olivia - Obšilová; Veronika - Ottmann; Ch. - Obšil; Tomáš . Stabilization of Protein-Protein Interactions between CaMKK2 and 14-3-3 by Fusicoccins . ACS Chemical Biology. 2020; 15(11); 3060-3071 . IF = 5.100 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Pšenáková; Katarína - Hexnerová; Rozálie - Srb; Pavel - Obšilová; Veronika - Veverka; Václav - Obšil; Tomáš . The redox-active site of thioredoxin is directly involved in apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 binding that is modulated by oxidative stress . FEBS Journal. 2020; 287(8); 1626); 1644 . IF = 5.542 [ASEP] [ doi ]
Obšilová; Veronika - Obšil; Tomáš . The 14-3-3 Proteins as Important Allosteric Regulators of Protein Kinases . International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2020; 21(22)); 8824 . IF = 5.923 [ASEP] [ doi ]

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 RNDr. Veronika Obšilová, Ph.D.
 Head of the Laboratory
Prof. RNDr. Tomáš Obšil, Ph.D.
Deputy Head of the Laboratory (part time)

MgrDalibor Košek, Ph.D.
Junior Researcher
RNDrOlívia Petrvalská, Ph.D.
Junior Researcher
Mgr. Pavel Pohl
PhD Student
M.Sc. Rohit Ashok Joshi
PhD Student
M.Sc. Raju Mandal
ext. - PhD Student
M.Sc. Karolína Honzejková
PhD Student (part time)
M.Sc. Klára Kohoutová
PhD Student (part time)
Bc. Adéla Hofmanová
ext. - Undergraduate Student

Andrej Tekel

ext. - Undergraduate Student

Mgr. Dana Kalábová
Bc. Gabriela Kočárová