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Biological Controls

Biological Controls

Department of Biological Controls (OBK) provides fee-based services for nonclinical safety testing on small laboratory animals. OBK serves as registered Test Facility in the Czech Republic. OBK uses the validated state of the art equipment, established metrology program. OBK makes use of experimental stables for small animals, rooms are air conditioned, humidity is controlled, environmental parameters are continuously collected to demonstrate compliance.There are the skilled study directors, pathologists and other support personnel staff.

OBK is a key member of the Center for Preclinical Testing






  RNDr. Světlana Žufanová
Head of the Department
  RNDr. Lenka Řezáčová, Ph.D.
Research Assistant
  Ing. Renata Půtová
Research Assistant
  Lucie Heppnerová
Technical Assistant
  Jaroslav Kalivoda
Research Assistant

MVDr. Soňa Miklošová

Research Assistant

  Ing. Josef Prchal
Head of GLP Quality Assurance
  MVDr. Richard Pospíšil, DrSc.
External Consultant
  RNDr. Jiří Marhan, CSc.
External Consultant